This Colorado collaborative’s high-tech backpack will keep track of what you’ve put in it

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Two Denver companies are trying to raise $375,000 to make a backpack that will tell you exactly what items are inside of it.

The TLS Connect currently has about $40,000 raised on its Kickstarter campaign, which runs through August 22. The product is a collaboration of eBags and Twyst.

It's a pretty nifty concept: The bag comes with a pack of 50 small stickers embedded with RFID, a wireless technology. Put the RFID stickers on an object, and the backpack will be able to track whether or not that particular object is inside the bag.

The backpack then relays that information to your phone, and, voila, you know what's in your backpack.

But why wouldn't you just open the bag and look for yourself?

The bag's makers (eBags, a luggage retailer, and Twyst, a tech startup) would argue that this technology's going to save you from making mistakes.

For example, their app will allow you to set up different checklists. If you're going on a business trip, it might remind you that your passport is not in your bag.

I still have my doubts. I personally avoid "smart" objects because I don't really want to worry about my backpack crashing, or plugging my backpack in.

Still, this is a pretty interesting idea, and these two companies seem to have pretty extensive experience in both luggage and technology – so they might just pull it off. The Connect is currently running for $199, with delivery expected in April.

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