Use this handy map of Denver’s water fountains to plan your cycling and running routes

I hate carrying water and other important things. As a result, I am often very thirsty.

(Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite)

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I’m a minimalist runner. As in, I run minimal distances and then stop. Also, I hate carrying water and other important things.

As a result, I am often very thirsty, and I feel like there is never a fountain around. As it turns out, though, Denver has 130 drinking fountains, and some of them were just a couple hundred yards from my normal running routes.

So, in the map above you’ll see drinking fountains labeled as orange dots and bathrooms in purple. This is only for the city of Denver, which is why it’s all contained in the purple boundary.

One way I’ve used this map is to check for fountains along the South Platte River. I discovered that there was one at the edge of the Denver Skate Park, right off my normal route.

Unfortunately, it’s the last one for about 3.5 miles to the northeast. I kind of can’t believe that Globeville Landing has gone all these years without a basic water fountain. It does, at least, have a portable toilet sometimes. Maybe that will change with the revamp plan?

How well are our water fountains distributed?

I was curious to see whether any neighborhoods were missing water fountains. Predictably, the fountains are clustered downtown, but they seem to be spread fairly evenly over the rest of the city.


Drinking fountain distribution in Denver.

However, if you’ve got a place that you feel is really lacking fountains, let me know: