Air Force football unveils some pretty dope helmets

The helmets are inspired by nose art from U.S. military aircrafts.
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The Air Force Academy unveiled new helmets its football team will wear Sept. 10 against Georgia State, and they’re pretty badass.

The shark tooth design is part of the Air Force’s Air Power Legacy Series, where over the next four or five years, the football team will rock gear that pays homage to Air Force history.

This particular helmet is inspired by the nose art seen on the P-40 fighters the Flying Tigers operated in World War II. The Flying Tigers were U.S. military pilots who helped defend China against the Japanese during the war.

One of the P-40 fighters from WWII. (Flickr)

The shark design can still be seen on the Air Force’s A-10 Warthog.

Air Force athletic director Jim Knowlton tweeted out a picture of the uniforms the Falcons will wear with the helmet.

Pretty cool stuff.

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