Denver Nugget Nikola Jokic made his Olympic teammate’s middle school nightmare a reality


Miloš Teodosić was living the dream, representing his country in the Olympics, when Nikola Jokic turned it into a nightmare.

It’s the kind of nightmare you had before the first day of seventh grade, only on a global stage.

You’re in the middle of a very tight game in the Olympics, playing your best for Serbia. It’s one of the biggest moments of your life. Your parents are watching and cheering, along with your country and people around the world. You’re going to make them proud.

And suddenly you’re standing there with your pants down.

Jokic, a Denver Nugget, made that anxiety nightmare come to life for Teodosić during Serbia’s game against Croatia last night. He was trying to flop, you see.

There’s video over at Uproxx, and it somehow hasn’t been removed yet. I guess it’s out of Twitter’s jurisdiction.

Serbia ended up beating Croatia 86-83, so at least these two have that.