Dalton McCreary saved his friend from an alleged drunk driver in Aurora. Now his family’s raising money for his funeral.

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Dalton McCreary was 22 years old.

On August 22, just after midnight, he and a friend were walking across East Iliff Avenue in Aurora. They were in the crosswalk, and they had the signal.

And then McCreary saw the Toyota 4Runner, barreling out of control as it blew a red light and tried to make a right turn, according to Aurora police.

"Look out!" McCreary reportedly yelled to his friend, pushing 18-year-old Jordan Mulumulu out of the way. An instant later, the vehicle struck McCreary.

Christopher O’Neil Tarr, 41, of Aurora was the alleged driver. Police say his vehicle flipped onto its roof and rolled down an embankment, landing on its wheels in the parking lot of a Walgreens. He is accused of trying to leave the scene, with several witnesses chasing him until his car was too damaged to continue.

Emergency responders got McCreary to the hospital, but he would die there of his injuries.

Tarr faces charges of vehicular homicide and driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, according to Aurora police.

And now McCreary's family is trying to cover the expenses of his funeral.

That's according to this GoFundMe, which aims to raise $15,000. The fundraiser checks out, as far as I can tell; it's hosted and has support from people whose names match McCreary's apparent friends and family on Facebook.

McCreary's grandfather was his caretaker, and needs financial help in dealing with this unexpected tragedy.

"Dalton was constantly putting everyone else before himself even in his last moments on this earth," the fundraiser states. "...what Dalton realy wanted was for YOU to be happy for people the way Dalton was happy for people."

A celebration of his life will be held next Wednesday, Aug. 31, at Advantage Aurora Chase Chapel, 1095 Havana Street, Aurora, CO.

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