Told you so: Broncos “expected to cut Mark Sanchez”

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Mark Sanchez, pictured here with the Jets, might not be a Denver Bronco much longer. (Flickr)

Christian Clark, our sports reporter, wrote on Aug. 24 that Mark Sanchez had fallen behind in the race to be the Denver Broncos' quarterback. He's expensive, he's not playing a lot and he hasn't played well.

Yesterday's pre-season opener didn't help his case, leading some more commentators to pile on and say "You're out." (That's from baseball.)

Here's Vic Lombardi of Altitude Sports:

And Adam Schefter of ESPN's NFL Insider:

USA Today's BroncosWire agrees in a post that mostly consists of the two tweest shown above. For a good read on all this, go back and check out Christian's piece.

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