Since parking outside of Trump’s Denver office, Mestizos’ taco business has gone up

staff photo
Democrats park a taco truck in front of Trump's field office in Denver.

Democrats park a taco truck in front of Trump's field office in Denver. (Kevin Beaty/Denverite)

Sending a political message isn’t the only thing Denver taco truck Mestizos got after parking in front of Donald Trump’s Denver office Friday.

“We definitely got a lot of increase in the volume since that day,” said owner Jose Luiz Gonzalez.

In another good turn for Mestizos, Gonzalez has been able to buy an old phone number painted on the side of the truck back from its current owner.

“The current owner called me and said, ‘people are calling me constantly trying to book you for different events,'” Gonzalez said.

It’s not all good news though. The truck was “trashed” and $300 stolen from a safe after Gonzalez appeared on 9News to discuss the Trump office visit, he says.

“I’ve had the truck for five years, never once had that situation before. We’re well-known and well-liked in our neighborhood,” Gonzalez said. “Yesterday, we had a segment about the truck all over 9news and the whole inside’s completely trashed.”

Gonzalez says the damage won’t affect his operation, nor will it scare him.

“I knew this came with the territory, speaking politically,” he said.

Gonzalez actually wants to go back to the Trump office, maybe for taco Tuesday, if he can figure out how to do it in a way that “creates a relationship” and “isn’t trolling them.”

He’s hoping to show “how different ethnic food contributes to our identity as American,” in addition to how hard it is to run a food truck.

Update: There’s a GoFundMe to help repair the damage to the truck.