California-based Toastmasters will move to Denver for cheaper rent, operating costs

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Last month, we told you Toastmasters was considering Denver as a cheaper location for its headquarters. Now the nonprofit has officially decided to make the move, the LA Times reports.

The nonprofit, which aims to enhance public speaking skills, is more than 90 years old and employs about 180 people. CEO Daniel Rex told the Los Angeles Times the move is “deeply emotional” but necessary given the high operating costs, labor costs and rent in Orange County.

“When you look at the availability of workers, when you look at the cost of commerce and real estate, this is something that makes sense,” Rex reportedly said. “I raised my kids in O.C. and it’s not that I want to go, but it’s not about how I feel. I need to look at the greater good.”

The motion to move was unanimous during a meeting in Washington, D.C. Of the close to 800 delegates gathered, not one voice spoke in opposition.

Toastmasters officials plan to sell its 147,000-square-foot OC facility and move to Denver by 2018, according to the LA Times.

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