A missing Boulder iguana — not a dragon — has been found and caught

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A large lizard on the lam was the latest animal to make waves in Boulder when it spent a month hiding in backyards.

In what would surely be an ego-padding adventure for the reptile, if he could have an ego, the 1- to 3-year-old living dinosaur was spotted around town and identified as a fearsome creature.

The first Boulderite to spot him reported a dragon in her backyard, the Daily Camera reports. The next woman to find the iguana posted a picture to Facebook hoping for help identifying and handling him. Commenters discussed the possibility that it was a small alligator, or maybe a (much less intimidating) gecko. Another person thought it was her missing iguana, but, no. "Never mind," she wrote, "apparently I'm missing a chameleon."

Boulder: The People's Republic of Lost Reptiles.

Maybe they'd have been more likely to recognize an iguana if the animal were native to Colorado, but it's not. Weirdly, the Daily Camera reports that no one reported a missing pet iguana.

Iggy, as he's now being called, was caught after that Facebooking resident finally called animal control. He'll be kept at the Colorado Reptile Humane Society in Longmont until he's claimed, adopted or sent to a reptile sanctuary.

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