Denver in 5 minutes: What you need to know today, Sept. 19

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Denver is set to make a huge decision on affordable housing tonight. Beyond that, I’ve picked out some interesting features and news from around Colorado to get your brain running this Monday morning.

City leaders seem to agree that we need a plan for affordability.

But they’re not quite agreed on how. Tonight, the city council votes on Mayor Michael Hancock’s plan to build 6,000 units. Council members variously want more details, more ambition or more immediacy. (Denverite)

This is what happens when a SWAT team has the wrong address.


“All my kids had guns on them. It was out of line,” says a father whose Grand Junction home was wrongfully raided for drugs. As it turns out, the authorities were looking for someone who used to live there. (KJCT)

What if getting busted for drugs didn’t mean getting arrested for drugs?

Both candidates for Denver District Attorney are supportive of “drug diversion,” the idea that people should be steered to treatment rather than prison. (Denverite)

The rodeo is alive and well.

We sent Chloe to check it out. This quote really tells the story: “Generations of families have been ranching, but think of all the ranches that have been sold or developed. Continuing to have these competitions keeps the cowboy culture alive.” (Denverite)

This is fantastic.

The Denverite crew stopped by Red Line Gallery in Five Points and saw these surreal (and well-crafted!) works of inflatable art. My favorite part is the expression on the Bob’s Big Boy big boy. (Denverite)

RiNo is covered in new murals.

Maybe you think it’s a nice splash of color for a once-drab area, maybe you think it’s clever branding to help developers, maybe you think it’s both. OK! Here’s what Colorado Crush hath wrought. (Denverite)

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