Denver in 5 minutes: What you need to know today, Sept. 20

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17th Street in the 1930s. (Denver Public Library/Harry M. Rhoads photograph collection/Rh-5368)

Hello! It's Tuesday. I've got a three-sentence explanation of the city's affordable housing plan for you, and a bunch of other stuff I read this morning about Colorado.

The final Denver council vote on the affordable housing plan was 9-4.

The plan is to build 1,500 affordable units over the next decade or so. To pay for it, the city will 1.) raise property taxes (about $15 extra per year for a $350,000 home, and more for businesses) and 2.) charge developers a fee that might equal 1 percent of a typical construction project's cost. (Denverite)


The old version of the Denver Broncos branding has a horse with super gangly arms hanging out of a giant D. I have long argued since last week that this old horse is way cooler than the new mean horse. Happily for me, the spindly one will return as part of a special uniform. (Denverite)

A fire near Lyons was quickly contained.

The "slow-moving" fire near Indian Mountain, north of Boulder, was stopped at an estimated 25 acres. No buildings were burned. (Boulder Daily Camera)

Two U.S. House candidates are spending big in Colorado.

The latest data shows $1.5 million in advertising buys in 2016 by incumbent Mike Coffman (R) and $1.7. million by his challenger, Morgan Carroll (D). The only state candidate to spend more was incumbent Senator Michael Bennet (D), with oh, say, $8.2 million. This doesn't include spending by PACs or the parties. (CPR)

Rest in peace, Kari Chopper.

Chopper was the bus driver in the crash that killed her and injured several Legacy High School coaches at DIA. Yesterday was her funeral. (BDC)

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