You’re not tripping, a life-sized “walk” symbol is, you know, walking around Denver

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His name is Fred Estrian, and if you see him in the streets, CDOT hopes you'll think about safety.

Today, Fred Estrian was strolling outside Union Station. He'll be walking through 10 busy intersections around the metro area for over two weeks.

We're telling you this so you don't freak out when you see him. It's super weird, but it's fine. Totally fine.

And totally safe -- or at least that's the idea. Here's what Sam Cole, Traffic Safety Communications Manager with CDOT, said in a press release:

“Pedestrians are our most vulnerable road users. Often it’s difficult to engage the public in a campaign to raise awareness about their safety, but with a character like Fred people are listening and engaging with us. Fred’s appearance on social media and in-person is generating a lot of buzz about a serious safety issue.”

There were 1,330 pedestrian crashes resulting in 59 pedestrian fatalities in 2015, and 72 percent of those pedestrian crashes occurred at non-intersections. This CDOT campaign, which also includes stencil art at crosswalks and intersection, aims to promote alertness in pedestrians and drivers.

And, Fred Estrian, if you're lonely and reading this, we want you to know you're not alone. Boulder's Heads Up mascot shares your ideals and your drive to spread the good word. You should grab coffee sometime.

(City of Boulder/Flickr)

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