Donald Trump is coming to Loveland and buying a lot of ads in Colorado

staff photo

Donald Trump returns to Colorado on Monday with a visit to Loveland as he ramps up his ad-buying here. (Update: He’ll also be visiting Pueblo.)

The Denver Post reports, based on Federal Communications Commission records, that Trump has $750,000 in ad buys scheduled from now through Election Day, and that number could go up to $1 million.

Hillary Clinton stopped spending money on TV ads here over the summer, except for national buys that continue to air on cable channels, and Priorities USA, her SuperPAC, dialed back its activity except for ads on Spanish-language television.

Since then, Clinton’s significant lead has largely disappeared, with recent polls showing the candidates trading the top spot within one or two points of each other.

There’s no obvious indication of Clinton planning a return to the airwaves at this time.

The Los Angeles Times’ Mark Barabak has a story out today that suggests Trump still has some major barriers to overcome here, namely how poorly suburban women, even committed Republican suburban women, view his crudeness and rudeness.