Cook Out is not coming to Denver, but we should still talk about milkshakes

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Cook Out. (Courtesy Cook Out)

"Is Denver getting an In-N-Out? Is Denver getting an In-N-Out? Is Denver getting an In-N-Out?"

About 40 billion of you have asked that question. I know because I've looked at the analytics. The answer is still no.

Maybe it's time for a new and better question: Is Denver getting a Cook Out? The answer is also no, but a wonderful new weblog has proven why we need one.

Cook Out is a North Carolina staple, and it hasn't spread west of the Mississippi yet. It's got a similar setup to many Good Times: A narrow little building with two drive-thru lanes and no interior seating.

Why no seating? Because they need to leave more room for an absurd variety of milkshakes. That is the topic of our discussion today.

(First, I should mention that Cook Out allows you to get a corn dog, a quesadilla or a chicken wrap as a side.)

OK, right, the milkshakes.

An enterprising young author(s) is meticulously documenting every shake on the menu, with pairing suggestions.

Writes our reviewer(s):

"Trying to explain Cook Out to someone who isn’t from the South is like trying to explain the sky’s infinite stars to someone who only knows the sun. In many ways, the beautiful experience of eating at Cook Out transcends words, but it’s worth trying. Just like every shake on the menu."

A few samples, as reviewed by

Watermelon: Not terrible! Actually, kind of refreshing and natural tasting. 11 out of 17.

Banana nut: Pretty freaking good! The walnuts are "earthy AF, which is great because they balance out the super sweet bananas." 14 out of 17.

Blueberry: Now we're talking. "Replace your morning health smoothie with this good good." 16 out of 17.

Hi-C Fruit Punch: Not so good. Very poor bouquet.

Anyway there are dozens more, so, check it out and then maybe start a rumor that Cook Out is coming here and roll in the delicious clicks.

There is, by the way, a Cook Out in Denver, North Carolina.

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