The Great American Beer Festival 2016 beer list is here

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(Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite)

The list of every single beer you can try at Great American Beer Festival is here and, of course, very long.

Luckily, it comes with a handy search function so you don’t have to scroll through it looking for your favorite brewery until your eyes cramp up and roll back into your head. But you can if you want to!

Go ahead and have a look now, and use the list to make yourself a sensible plan.

If it helps, we combed the list and pulled out an all-Denver lineup. Good luck out there:

Alpine Dog Brewing Co. (F7)
– Fresh Soul
– Super Steeze
– Wolf’s Blood

Baere Brewing Co. (V20)
– Baere-liner Weisse
– Big Hoppy Brown
– C3(i)PA
– Saison
– Sour Brown

Black Project Spontaneous & Wild Ales (V26)
– Cherry Oxcart
– Declassified
– Ejector
– Elsewhere
– Jumpseat
– Oxcart

Black Sky Brewery (F14)
– Barrel Aged Imperial Petal to the Metal
– Black Currant Belgian Strong Ale
– Fall From Grace Abbey
– Fallen Angel Stout
– Lila’s Belgian Strong Ale

Blue Moon Brewing Co. (H34)
– 20th Anniversary Ale
– Belgian White
– Cappuccino Oatmeal Stout
– Cinnamon Horchata Ale
– First Peach
– Harvest Pumpkin Ale
– Mango Wheat
– Smoked Imperial Porter
– Toasted Marshmallow
– White IPA

Chain Reaction Brewing Co. (F29)
– Edinburgh Scottish Ale
– Hatch Chili Amber
– Pink Peppercorn Saison
– Pollie Ollie Pale Ale
– Watermelon Ginger Hefe

Co-Brew (F31)
– CO-Brew Farmhouse Saison
– CO-Brew IPA
– Dry Hop Sour Blonde
– Oud Bruin
– Pepper Wheat

Comrade Brewing Co. (F33)
– Fresh Hop Putsch Black IPA
– Fresh Hop Superpower IPA
– Paul D. Ogg Lager
– Superpower IPA
– Yellow Fever

Copper Kettle Brewing Co. (W26)
– 2014 Snowed In
– Blond
– Helles Lager
– Mexican Chocolate Stout
– Milk Stout

Declaration Brewing Co. (W2)
– Barrel Aged Indentured Soul
– High Class Dirty Horchata
– King Nalu Koa’e IPA
– Palisade Popper
– Slippery When Wheat

Denver Beer Co. (W4)
Chocolate Coconut Graham Cracker Porter
– King Ink
– Lazy Monk
– Pretzel Assassin
– Princess Yum Yum
– Summit Sunrise

Diebolt Brewing Co. (W5)
– Anton Francois
– Postcard
– Saison Voila
– Wiggy Wiggy

Factotum Brewhouse (W11)
– Caramel Corn Cream Ale
– Kuzzin KYsser
– Mandelmilch Stout
– Soldier’s Reward
– St. Dominic’s ALE-LELUIA

Fermaentra (G12)
– Brabble
– Knicker Twister
– Machination
– Quixotic
– Redolent

Fiction Beer Co. (G13)
– Alternate Present
– American IPA
– Cosmic Unity
– Damned Curious Business
– Feely Effects
– Heart of Hearts

Good River Beer Co. (G20)
– American – Authentic Pilsner
– Class V – Colorado Style IPA
– Fu Fighter – Belgian Golden Ale
– Gunny – Black Lager

Great Divide Brewing Co. (X28)
– 22nd Anniversary Dark American Sour Ale
– Barrel Aged Yeti Imperial Stout
– Claymore Scotch Ale
– Colette Farmhouse Ale
– Denver Pale Ale
– Nadia Kali
– Samurai Rice Ale
– Strawberry Rhubarb Sour Ale
– Titan IPA
– Velvet Yeti Nitro Stout

Great Frontier Brewing Co. (G23)
– Blonde Annie
– PD’s Mocha Stout
– Silly Ass Amber
– Willy’s Irish Red

Jagged Mountain Brewery (G32)
– Barrel Aged Splitboard
– Four Pass Pilsner
– Grizzly Peak
– Sakura Matsuri
– Swan Song
– Wolfpack

Little Machine (H4)
– B. B. Rodriguez
– Hey, Hey Hay!
– Limel Richie
– Racerback
– Razz Against the Machine

Lost Highway Brewing (H5)
– District 6 Pils
– Golden Ghost
– Grave Robber Fraud Quad
– LostOberFest
– Pumpnik Pie-Eyed

Lowdown Brewery + Kitchen (H6)
– Lonely Sheep
– Patio Pounding Pils
– Tuggie Milk Stout

Mockery Brewing (Y18)
– Mo Honey Mo Problems
– Neo AKA ‘The One’
– Party at the Moon Tower
– The Red Coats Are Coming!

Our Mutual Friend Brewing (H15)
– American Wild Ale
– Camisado Cream Ale
– Cherry Gose
– Sur Framboise
– Wicket Wit

Platt Park Brewing Co. (H21)
– Cream Ale
– Gump’s
– Phunky #2
– Pilsner
– Watermelon Berliner Weisse

Prost Brewing (H26)
– Altbier
– Altfränkisches Dunkel Bier
– Helles
– Marzen – Oktoberfest
– Weißbier

Ratio Beerworks (Y7)
– Dear You
– Domestica
– Lime Gose
– New Wave

River North Brewery (Y10)
– Big City Quad
– J. Marie
– Nightmare Fuel
– Quandary
– River North White

Seedstock Brewery (X4)
– Seedstock Bohemian Dunkel
– Seedstock Czech Pilsner
– Seedstock Dusseldorf Alt
– Seedstock Premium Czech Lager

Spangalang Brewery X9
– Birth of Cool
-Colorado Junction
– D-Train IPA
– Night Walker Imperial Stout
– Sugarfoot Belgian Table Beer

Strange Craft Beer Co (X11)
– Breakfast Grapefruit IPA
– Cherry Kriek
– Maibock
– Nebulous
– Strange Pale Ale

Tivoli Brewing Co. (I16)
– Jet Malt Liquor
– Sigi’s Wild Horse Buck Beer
– Strawberry Mint Berliner Weisse
– Tivoli Helles Lager
– Zang’s XXX Export

Wit’s End Brewing Co. (Z6)
– Big Willie Style
– Fresh Prince
– Green Man Ale
– Jean-Claude Van Blond
– Scotchy, Scotch, Scotch Ale

Wynkoop Brewing Co. (MB1)
– Barrel Aged Cherry Artillery
– Belgorado
– Colorojo
– Flame Roast Amber
– Mile High Pale Ale
– Patty’s Chile Beer
– Pumpkin Ale
– Rye-teo Ol’ Chap
– Uber Lager
– Wixa Weiss

Zephyr Brewing Co. (I31)
– Blood Orange Pale Ale
– Kiltin’ Me Softly
– Shuey’s Irish Red

Adrian Garcia contributed to this report.

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