Rep. Mike Coffman on presidential race: “I may not cast a vote.”

Coffman told Kyle Clark that he’s “struggling with it like many other Americans.”
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Rep. Mike Coffman speaks in an anti-Trump ad. (YouTube/Mike Coffman for Congress)

Rep. Mike Coffman sat down for an interview with Kyle Clark on "Next with Kyle Clark," that aired Tuesday evening. Clark started off by asking, "Who has your vote for president?"

Coffman replied that he's "struggling with it like many other Americans."

His discomfort with Republican nominee Donald Trump is well documented, and Coffman is among those Republicans who have asked Trump to "step aside."

While polls suggest that Trump's Republican support in Colorado has been dwindling, a poll out yesterday said that he still has the support of 73 percent Colorado Republicans polled. That's in addition to a list of Republican elected officials who support the Republican nominee circulated by the Trump campaign.

All of this probably speaks to the divisions Trump’s candidacy has provoked in the Republican Party.

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