Denver in 5 minutes: What you need to know today, Oct. 26

(Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite)

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Today’s news roundup includes homelessness, the walkable city, Denver’s dearth of fixer-uppers and the plan for Chipotle. Plus, some sweet aerial photos of the lesser-known Colorado.

A view down 16th Street circa 1890s. The old Arapahoe County courthouse is front left. The Kittredge Building is the most prominent of the structures on the right side of 16th Street. Cropped from the original. (William Henry Jackson/Denver Public Library/W.H. Jackson sample album/R7003009825)

A view down 16th Street circa 1890s. Cropped from the original. (William Henry Jackson/Denver Public Library/W.H. Jackson sample album/R7003009825)

People are still homeless.

CBS reports that downtown encampments have started growing larger again. We’ll see if the city again tries to sweep people from sidewalks – or maybe the pending lawsuit will discourage that. (CBS, Westword)

WalkDenver will teach you to live with less car.

The nonprofit just launched Project Shift, a series of “upbeat and interactive sessions” aiming to change how people see transit and transportation. I have to say, I’d never seen so many people organized around transportation as a civic issue until I moved to Denver. (Streetsblog)

I love these aerial images of the Colorado people ignore.

Other people seem to think that all of Colorado is Boulder. This series captures our plains, mines, cattle, wind turbines and drought. (Wired)

Want a fixer-upper? Too bad.

Denver’s fixer-uppers are well on their way to being all fixed up. Megan has some insight on this. (Denverite)

Student teachers are lecturing virtual students at UNC.

The University of Northern Colorado is supplementing its teaching curriculum with a program that has students stand in front of televisions and speak to a freakily rendered cartoon classroom. They’ll still teach real kids eventually. (KUNC)

Marijuana businesses are getting chippy over their names.

When every other company is named “green,” you’re going to have problems. In this case, a New Hampshire fertilizer producer, Rx Green Solutions, is suing Colorado’s The Green Solution. Bah. (BusinessDen)

The Chipotle plan:

Revenues are still down by 15 percent from last year. Now its executives are moving to cut costs by $100 million, remodel 50 restaurants, implement new ordering systems and start selling dessert. Chipotle is headquartered in LoDo. (Denverite)

Ski slower, dummies.

A Douglas County man was ordered to pay about $263,000 in damages after hitting another guy from behind during an attempted pass. (Summit Daily)

Justin Timberlake did a ballot selfie.

He stands in front of a Tennessee voting machine in a now-deleted image. That’s probably illegal! ICYMI, Colorado has a similar prohibition, which also is the subject of a lawsuit. (USA Today, Denverite)

Creepy architectural time-lapse?

Needs more ghosts. (Studio C3)