Evan McMullin in Denver: We will not follow Republicans into white nationalism

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Evan McMullin. (YouTube screen capture from campaign video)

Evan McMullin is maybe the darkest of the dark horses in this presidential race. He's 40 years old, he's a former CIA operative and he is running under no party's banner.

McMullin has attracted a lot of attention in the last month because there's a small chance he could be the first third-party candidate to win a state -- Utah, in this case -- and that could lead to some interesting if very unlikely results, such as a deadlocked race and a President McMullin.

Before all that can happen, though, he's trying to build support in the Mountain West, which he hopes can be the base of a new conservatism. His most recent stop: Denver, where he sat for an interview with 9News and Kyle Clark.

"There are people who will still stand on principle. We will not go along with the Republicans if they’re going to become a populist, white nationalist or white supremacist party," the candidate told Clark.

"Principled constitutional conservatives are just not going to go along with that."

In other words, McMullin is using this presidential run to frame himself as a leader of "true" conservatism, hoping to refocus the party on smaller federal government rather than nationalism.

As Yahoo News points out, that battle will play out largely after the election, especially if Donald Trump loses ungracefully -- but the stage is being set now.

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