Elitch Gardens is building a 17-story chair swing called Star Flyer

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It’s Star Flyer, son. (Elitch Gardens/YouTube)

It will be like the ones at the fair, except stupid large. Star Flyer will put guests in pairs of two in "open-air seats, feet dangling and hair blowing," with the chairs swinging around in circles while ascending to the top of a 17-story tower.

It'll open in 2017. No word on where or what might be replaced, or whether the music from the video will be playing at all times. (I hope so.)

I'm also not so sure about Elitch's claim that you'll be swinging "above the clouds." I don't know any clouds that hang out 100 feet about the South Platte.

This is part of a $4 million improvement plan for the park, as the Denver Post reported.

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