Denver in 5 minutes: What you need to know today, Nov. 4

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Northwest facade of old Union Station, Eighteenth and Wynkoop streets. Opened in 1881; this view prior to the 1894 fire, after which a larger clock tower was added. Between 1880 and 1900. (Louis Charles McClure/Denver Public Library/Western History Collection/MCC-3281) historic; denver public library; dpl; archive; archival; denverite

Wow -- there is a lot of local news worth reading today. We've got a really interesting story on mid-modern neighborhoods, a rape survivor's powerful testimony, an admitted mistake by the police's gang unit and much more. Let's go.

Northwest facade of old Union Station, Eighteenth and Wynkoop streets, between 1880 and 1900. (Louis Charles McClure/Denver Public Library/Western History Collection/MCC-3281)
Denver considers protection for a mid-modern neighborhood.

Krisana Park could be the the first place in Denver where the sharp angles and open layouts of the mid-mod style get a legal designation. (Denverite)

A woman who was raped at CU Boulder is featured in People.

Kendra Heuer agreed to be identified as the victim of Austin Wilkerson, who got no jail time despite being convicted of sexual assault. "I want people to know my story," Heuer said. "I didn’t want my name attached to this before but now it’s time. I’m a survivor." (People)

Denver's gang unit went home early.

The police department had warnings of gang violence at a LoDo concert on July 29. The on-duty gang bureau lieutenant reviewed social media and, finding no obvious threats, allowed the gang-unit officers' shifts to end early. Later, 200 bullets were fired and one man was killed. DPD leadership says it was a "bad decision," and the lieutenant has been docked six days' pay. (CBS4)

So many polls!

Luckily, Erica has sorted out all the latest numbers on Colorado. Upshot: Clinton is favored, but not by much. Read the article. (Denverite)

Suspected con man found in Aspen shack.

I hope someone said, "THE JIG IS UP." (AP)

Ashton Kutcher in Denver: Let's gov it up.

Yesterday brought the Reverb conference on government innovation to Denver. Ashton Kutcher, teen idol/investor, believes that government can "change the verb," much as "Googling" something became a ubiquitous phrase. He didn't say what that new verb should be, but GovTech seems to think it should be "govving."

Gov. John Hickenlooper, meanwhile, said he wanted some "friendly friction" between tech companies and government. It's all part of the state's new approach to tech, which includes the hiring of a chief innovation officer. If you want to know more about the program, Tamara Chuang has you covered. (GovTech, DP)

Photos of the West's first women voters.

A great series of historical images compiled by Kevin. (Denverite)

Xero is making Denver its headquarters.

The cloud-based accounting platform will grow its presence here from about 100 people to several hundred. (New Zealand Herald)

The latest expected opening dates for our ski resorts:

Will Copper really start the season next Friday? (5280)

How did a coal company miss $1.8 million in tax payments?

Routt County announced this week that Peabody Energy will finally pay up about $1.8 million, which is hugely important in keeping local schools running. The company's bankruptcy is likely part of how this happened, and it points to the serious financial trouble that rural Colorado faces amid a coal bust and an oil glut. (Inside Energy)

Littleton covered its streets with toilet paper.

You can drive on newly repaired pavement much sooner if you just throw some TP on it. (DP)

A wheelchair with treads is making Staunton State Park more accessible.

This all-terrain people-mover can handle much tougher terrain than your typical wheelchair. Should the state's 41 other parks get them too? (The Gazette)

No ballot selfies in New York.

A federal judge upheld that state's ban on sharing images of your completed ballot. (WSJ)

Armageddon was an awful movie.

There's no article on this. I just thought you should know before you make the same nostalgic mistake that I did. (Me)

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