Quandary Q Lotus Lady may be Colorado’s cutest feline adventurer

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Quandary Q Adventure Cat (Feature Photo)

Adventure cat Quandary Q Lotus Lady is stealing hearts and blazing trails across Colorado mountains and, of course, on Instagram.

She's a young face in a trend that's sweeping the nation--the trend of adventure cats.

The Fort Collins feline, affectionately known as “Q,” belongs to equally adventurous couple Graham and Erin Shuee who take Q hiking almost every weekend, the Coloradoan reported.

Whether gazing pensively into a Colorado sunset, or perched serenely on dad’s shoulder, Q’s moves are often recorded, filtered and posted for her more than 13,000 followers. Under the photos is the hashtag “adventurecats.”

"The overwhelming cuteness plus the Internet equals Internet success," Graham Shuee, 25, told the Coloradoan.

Adventure cats are not a new phenomenon.

They’ve been hiking the trails with their owners largely unnoticed by the all seeing eyes of the internet until about 2013, according to Outside Online, when Instagram user Stephen Simmons seemed to have coined the phrase with his Instagram account @burmaadventurecat.

After pet behavior journalist Laura Moss started the website adventurecats.org in 2015, she fueled the movement by creating an official online home for the adventure cat community, according to Outside Online.

Today, Q joins the ranks of a growing number of famous and photogenic cat celebrities like @odinthegrey and @pechanga. Adventure cat proponents argue that dog owners no longer have the monopoly on outdoor companions and that domesticated cats’ close lineage to wildcats gives them an advantage on the slopes, Outside Online reported.

But not all cats have the temperament to be adventure cats.

The Shuees have two other cats, Zoe and Nimbus, who have accompanied the couple on several hikes, but they say they trust Q most, the Coloradoan reported.

And that may come from Q’s upbringing as an adventurer from day one. Graham proposed to Erin last May, giving Q to her as a proposal kitten. Q has been exploring the Colorado mountains with them ever since, taking a short break this summer to act as ring bearer in their wedding.

Read more about Adventure Cats on Outside Online.

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