Amy Schumer’s excellent Denver adventures this weekend

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Comedienne Amy Schumer was in town this weekend for a standup show on Saturday. She also took some time to campaign for Hillary Clinton before Tuesday’s election.

Let’s take a journey through her Instagram adventures in Denver. 

First stop, Red Rocks.

Other brother @mugsykane

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Natch, Schumer did some epic rock climbing.

127 seconds

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Then it was on to the iconic dancers of the Denver Center for the Performing Arts:


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Followed by campaigning with Lena Dunham, Amber Rose Tamblyn and America Ferrera.

Nasty women crew @lenadunham @amberrosetamblyn @americaferrera proud of my friends

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Ya heard? @plannedparenthood

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Then Schumer and her team rocked an Old Major meal,

Thanks for one of the greatest meals we’ve ever had @justinbrunson #denver

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before Schumer herself went on to do her act:


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All and all, a busy visit. Plenty more Denver to see here though, should she decide to stop by again.