Denver Election Results: Denver District Attorney, Issue 4B, Initiative 300

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Denver Republican Party volunteer Frank Wiederman inspects a canvassing map as he knocks on doors to whip votes. Oct. 15, 2016. (Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite) politics; copolitics; canvas; election; republican; denver; denverite; colorado; kevinjbeaty;

Here are the election results in key races so far, according to the Denver government. This post was updated Monday Nov. 21. 

Denver Metropolitan Scientific and Cultural Facilities District
(Ballot Issue 4B)

Yes: 62.82%
Against: 37.18%

All seven counties have reported. Ballot Issue 4B has passed.

Create a pilot program to allow public pot consumption (Initiative 300)

Yes: 53.51%
Against: 46.49%
Total: 313,678 votes

Initiative 300 won a narrow victory.

Allow the city to retain additional taxes for the Denver Preschool Program (Referred Question 2A)

Yes: 75.68%
Against: 24.32%
Total: 309,446 votes

Enshrine the Office of the Independent Monitor in the equivalent of Denver’s constitution (Question 2B)

Yes: 72.22%
Against: 27.78%
Total: 284,294 votes

Raise taxes for schools (Ballot issue 3A and 3B)

Ballot issue 3A

Yes: 67.27%
Against: 32.73%
Total: 307,922 votes

Ballot issue 3B

Yes: 65.04%
Against: 34.96%
Total: 304,458 votes

Denver District Attorney

Beth McCann (DEM): 73.02%, 206,479 votes
Helen Morgan (IND): 26.98%, 76,291 votes
Total: 282,770 votes

The Denver Post has called this race in favor of McCann.

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