ParkiFi, an app to ease parking, promises an easier end to your drive

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Beginning Tuesday, Denver-based ParkiFi will prove whether or not their app can make parking downtown easier.

This is what the ParkiFi app will look like. (Courtesy of ParkiFi)

That task mostly rests on their hockey puck sensors installed around the city in parking garages and some spots around the city. The sensors note whether or not a space is filled and ParkiFi CEO Ryan Sullivan told the Denver Post that their accuracy "exceeds 99 percent." That allows users of the app to quickly find an available space.

The city of Denver for its part, is finalizing a partnership to add ParkiFi sensors at off-street lots. It definitely seems to fit in with the Smart City Challenge to improve congestion by applying technology to traffic.

If you're sold on the concept, there's a chance for you to get some free parking out of the deal. Early adopters who sign up for ParkiFi’s referral program get free parking credits for every person they refer.

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