A detective’s work produced a suspect in the case of an “up-skirt” photographer at Mile High Stadium

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An apparent Broncos fan suspected of taking photos up a woman’s skirt at Mile High. (Metro Denver Crime Stoppers)

A man accused of taking unwanted photos beneath a woman's skirt at Mile High Stadium tried to return to the Broncos game after the alleged incident, resulting in his eventual arrest, according to a court document.

An apparent Broncos fan suspected of taking photos up a woman's skirt at Mile High. (Metro Denver Crime Stoppers)

A 37-year-old woman, who is not named in police reports, was waiting for her husband outside a bathroom just as a game at Mile High Stadium was getting underway on Oct. 30.

She "felt her skirt move and looked down to see the suspect pulling his camera phone from under her skirt," Det. Daniel Tregembo's affidavit states.

The woman reportedly demanded that the man give over the phone, but he refused. The woman's husband soon came out from the bathroom, saw the argument and got into a physical confrontation with the offender, who was wearing a Von Miller jersey, sunglasses and a cap.

"During this time the suspect was attempting to delete photos from his phone," the affidavit states. Eventually, the man ran and escaped the couple.

Tregembo, of the Denver police, was assigned the investigation. He found surveillance footage showing the incident. Denver Metro Crime Stoppers soon after offered a cash reward for information, releasing a surveillance image that showed the suspect and his prosthetic blade leg.

Tregembo, meanwhile, used the footage to track the suspect through the stadium, finding that he exited and attempted to re-enter the stadium. Jared Devine, the security manager for the stadium, was able to produce a list of tickets that had been scanned twice at that game, finding one that matched the described circumstances.

With the contact information in hand, the detective called the woman whose name was attached to the ticket. She said that she had received several tickets to the game from work, and that she had attended with her boyfriend and his friend.

She told the detective that the friend, Jacob Magee, used a prosthetic leg. Tregembo ran a public records search for that name and found a registered sex offender listed in Lafayette, according to the affidavit.

From there, he got a DMV photo of Magee and used it to create a kind of photo line-up. Both the woman who was photographed and her husband identified Magee as the perpetrator, the affidavit states.

Magee, 33, was charged with a felony count of invasion of privacy for sexual gratification and released on $2,000 bond, the Denver District Attorney's Office announced on Nov. 15.

Jacob Magee. (Denver District Attorney's Office.)

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