Englewood nonprofit Saving Moses wants Syrian children to know #helpiscoming

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Syrian refugee children near Reyfoun. (Eoghan Rice, Trócaire/Flickr)

Syrian refugee children near Reyfoun. (Eoghan Rice, Trócaire/Flickr)

Englewood-based Saving Moses, an organization that works to prevent infant hunger and mortality in vulnerable populations, has turned its sights on Syria.

Through the month of December, the nonprofit will work to provide funding and food for Syrian infants and toddlers under 2 years old. Saving Moses launched an awareness campaign on their website and Facebook and have begun calling for donations.

Founded in 2011, Saving Moses works with vulnerable populations to reduce preventable infant mortality. They operate midwife training clinics in Afghanistan, malnutrition clinics in Angola, daycares in Cambodia, as well as one-off projects in communities struck by war, natural disaster or disease.

The civil war in Syria is in its fifth year and reports on mortality vary. In 2013, the Oxford Research group estimated 11,420 Syrian deaths, or roughly one in ten, were children.

The New York Times reported in September that more children have died in Syria than in other comparable middle eastern conflicts, in part due to food and medicine shortages. That’s why Saving Moses decided to step in.

Using the hashtag, #helpiscoming, the organization will be raising funding and awareness to help provide nourishment for Syrian children through December.

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