Denver Christmas tree recycling: When, how, where, why

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Christmas tree. (Johnny Lai via Flickr)

Future mulch. (Johnny Lai via Flickr)

I'm not trying to rush you or anything. Go ahead. Keep enjoying your tree.

But when you're ready, here's how to recycle it so that it turns into free mulch for you and your fellow Denver residents.

  • Remove all ornaments, lights, stands and adornment from the tree. Natural trees only, please.
  • Place the tree at your normal trash collection location. Don't put it in a bag or a box or inside the trash cart or dumpster. Just set the tree out by itself. Put the tree at least two feet away from any trash or recycling containers or other obstacles.
  • Trees will be picked up the weekend of Jan. 7 and the weekend of Jan. 14. Make sure the tree is out by 7 a.m. on that Saturday for it to be picked up that weekend. Trees could be picked up Saturday or Sunday, and they won't be picked up by the Extra Trash crews, so don't be alarmed if they pass by and your tree is still there.
What happens to your tree then?

It gets chipped and turned into mulch, which is available for free at the Annual Treecycle Mulch Giveaway and Compost Sale in May.

Why should you compost your tree?

Because it reduces greenhouse gas emissions, keeps trees out of landfills and creates wonderful free mulch.

What if you forget to put your tree out?

After Jan. 15, you can take your tree to the Cherry Creek Recycling Drop-off site at the corner of East Cherry Creek Drive South and South Quebec Street.

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