Broncos’ Brandon Marshall tries out Denver Police Department’s shooting simulator

Marshall tried out the Denver Police Department’s simulator earlier this week.
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Screenshot from Twitter. Brandon Marshall kneeling during national anthem. Broncos

Brandon Marshall knelt during the national anthem of the Broncos' season opener in September. (Screen shot via Twitter)

You might remember that in September, Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall knelt as a way to protest law enforcement's treatment of black people when the national anthem played prior to Denver's season opener against the Carolina Panthers.

A meeting between Marshall and Denver Police Chief Robert White ensued. Among the things Marshall and White talked about that day was the simulator the Denver Police Department uses to prepare its law-enforcement officers for shooting -- and not shooting -- their guns in different situations.

White offered Marshall the opportunity to try out the VirTra V-300 simulator. Now with Denver's season over, it appears Marshall took White up on that offer. 

The 51-second video the Denver Police Department posted on its Facebook page Thursday provided a sneak peek of Marshall in the simulator, which is capable of presenting those who step inside with more than 100 virtual scenarios.

“Coming in here I thought it was going to be a 'Call of Duty' thing," Marshall said, referencing the popular video game. "I could just go around and shoot the bad guys.”

“I was up here sweating, not really sure what to do or what to say.”

The full footage from Marshall's experience will be available at 1:05 p.m. Sunday on the Denver Police Department's Facebook page.

Marshall also said in September that he'd donate $300 to various local organizations for every tackle he made this season. He had 52 tackles, which would amount to $15,600.

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