Where to see all of the animals at the National Western Stock Show

Weird chickens! Skateboarding pigs? It’s the National Western Stock Show. Here’s where the animals will be.
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Xtreme pigs always please. (Courtesy Top Hogs of the Wild West/Debbie Vincent) animals; national western stock show;

The most dapper chicken. (David Goehring/<a href="https://www.flickr.com/photos/carbonnyc/16037924486/in/photolist-qrdycq-7zg3jh-cYvnC-aogGy5-5TGiiW-2oAYTq-CBmbF2-Vmqic-8VYRJn-C3m5Cr-wnfY9-65DvBc-9N8y1f-65DvLg-6Kzo4c-79ZkcN-2Trpdj-5Q8U6C-qugfet-5G574k-5Q8UrC-7ii44C-65HMVh-65HMLs-7s1hCq-47Ed5y-53RMp3-u1GMdz-86wuUx-FVbM54-65HN67-dBW5C-3uat43-GTt88-8xY2od-4Pacu1-bkLwH1-dmGcSY-cAJU3m-8HPZCz-4BSk-2j2Aky-6RpQxd-au4xHH-2UsPqJ-hpztwh-2jMt1r-3HRa35-2j2z8A-r3WeLt">Flickr</a>)

If you're not attending the National Western Stock Show to buy an animal or two, you're likely attending to see some. We've assembled a comprehensive list of cuteness for your use, sorted by animal. You are so welcome.

Not-to-miss events

  1. The "only bison show of this type in the world," the 2017 Gold Trophy Bison Show will be judged on Jan. 20. These special heifers will then be sold on Jan. 21. Fast-talking auctioneers and stately horned beasts, what's not to love?
  2. A personal favorite of this stock show veteran is the poultry judging on Jan. 21, in which a horde of the fanciest chickens you've ever seen come together to show off.
  3. And while there's a great opportunity to watch Xtreme Dogs land sweet tricks on Jan. 16 and 17, you might prefer the free and intimate Pat & Chat before each ticketed show to get up and close with the performing pooches.
  4. And then Top Hogs of the Wild West features skateboarding pigs. Need I say more? This event repeats Jan. 7, 8, 14, 15, 21 and 22.
Xtreme pigs always please. (Courtesy Top Hogs of the Wild West/Debbie Vincent)

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