Denver in 5 minutes: What you need to know today, Jan. 23

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The Denver City Cable Railway Company building at Lawrence and 18th streets. It still stands. (Library of Congress)

Hey! We've got some really great reads in our roundup this morning, from Green Berets' very special skis to Boulder's dealings with a "conservative provocateur," and the answers to so many questions you didn't know you had.

The Denver City Cable Railway Company building at Lawrence and 18th streets, date unknown. It still stands. (Library of Congress)
Green Berets need short skis:

They're among the country's most elite soldiers, but some of the 10th Special Forces members actually aren't that great at skiing. So, they need skis that are "nimble, but capable of floating 300 pounds of soldier over snow." Who's going to make them? Two dudes in Crested Butte. (DP)

Curling as you've never seen it before:

Just click, OK? (Denverite)

The sidewalk fight, in one sidewalk:

Councilman Paul Lopez has been working on this unsidewalked stretch for so long that the constituent who cares most has died. Here's why. (Denverite)

Punch Bowl Social will open nine more outlets in two years:

The Colorado chain is bringing food, booze and bowling to Stapleton this June, plus eight other national locations by 2018, in a push to double its footprint. (BusinessDen)

The Colorado Springs housing market:

Our southerly metro neighbor saw a 15.6 percent jump in the number of home sales last year. The number of home sales in Denver remained flat, but median prices continued to climb here. Scroll to the bottom of the story for a sweet home-price appreciation map. (DP)

Echo Mountain is open again:

The little resort just under an hour from Denver is back from bankruptcy. Four-person season passes (!) are $549 and one-day tickets are $49. Could be a nice way to get some quick turns before work. (BusinessDen)

What's happening to downtown Louisville?

The city has suffered the loss of a number of downtown businesses lately, despite the fact that sales are growing. Some owners blame street closures and construction. (Daily Camera)

What's a construction defect?

ColoradoPolitics has a solid explanation of a thorny legal issue that has dogged the construction industry here. A new bill in the legislature could make lawsuits over bad construction go a little smoother. (ColoradoPolitics)

How do you protest a guy who loves attention?

That's what some at CU Boulder are asking ahead of "conservative provocateur" Milo Yiannopoulos' visit to campus on Wednesday. Good exploration of that debate here. (Daily Camera)


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