Denver in 5 minutes: What you need to know today, Jan. 24

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An 1889 map of Denver shows the Lower Highland, including the present site of REI near bottom center. (Library of Congress)

Good day. Today's news roundup includes several items on police officers' use of force, an interesting question about driving high and the pursuit of immortality (or at least a few more years) for a certain yellow lab.

An 1889 map of Denver shows the Highlands above the South Platte River. (Library of Congress)
No punishment for officers in two cases:

Police officers will not be disciplined for their roles in the shooting death of Jessica Hernandez or the controversial arrest of a family. (Denverite)

Meanwhile, experts praise the new DPD policy as a progressive step, but some worry that vagueness will create questions for officers in tense situations and after the fact. (DP)

Colorado still doesn't have a breathalyzer for weed:

“To be transparent, it’s not going well,” said Major Steve Garcia. (Denverite)

Can you teach an old dog the secret of ever-lasting life?

A yellow lab from Cap Hill is enrolled in the University of Washington's Dog Aging Project, which will test whether a drug can extend dogs' lives. It won't be immortality, but it may slow aging. They're still looking for volunteers. (CBS4, Dog Aging Project)

Inside Union Tower West:

The new glass building at 18th and Wewatta is nearly open, and DenverInfill has your tour. It has a lot of wood and photos of mountains. (DenverInfill)

Light rail for Aspen?

The mountain city is spending $500,000 on a study of a potential light-rail route that would run six miles west from downtown and out along the highway, including stops at the airport, Buttermilk Mountain and more. It would be... expensive. (Aspen Times)

Mansion for sale:

The huge old house at 709 Clarkson Street, complete with pillars, has been listed for $3.5 million. It looks... expensive. (BusinessDen)

Meet an Everest climber:

Luis Benitez, head of the Colorado Office of Outdoor Recreation Industry, speaks at the Commons on Champa today at noon, among several other tech events this week. (Built In)


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