The Nikola Jokic assist of the week: Murray-Jokic-Murray

Our first installment is a Jokic-to-Jamal-Murray sequence from Sunday.
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We here at Denverite are fascinated by certain things. Otters, pho, the sage grouse, smell complaints and the idea of gardens in the sky all make the short list.

Lately, the sports department has become transfixed with large basketball-playing men who excel at setting teammates up for baskets. This is largely because since mid-December, no large basketball-playing man has been better at setting teammates up than Nuggets center Nikola Jokic.

The 6-foot-11 Serbian has thrown some truly mind-boggling dimes on his way to racking up 5.2 assists per game since Dec. 15. That is why we've decided to give Jokic a space on this site to highlight our favorite pass he makes on a weekly basis.

Our first installment is a Jokic-to-Jamal-Murray sequence from Sunday.

Murray hits Jokic at the top of the key in the second quarter. Murray notices upon making the pass that the lane is clear. Karl Anthony-Towns is sagging off Jokic but not enough to muck up the paint.

Murray back cuts behind Tyus Jones and puts his left hand up like a wide receiver signaling for the ball. With one hand, Jokic gathers the ball and whips a perfect pass to Murray.

I've actually mimicked this exact motion before, except I was intoxicated and playing darts. And my throw didn't result in two points in an NBA game. I don't even think it hit the dart board, come to think of it.

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