Denver weather forecast for today, Feb. 10

Today’s forecast: Partly cloudy throughout the day. A low of 47.66 degrees and a high of 69.89.

Good morning!

Today’s forecast: A mostly sunny day with a high of 75 degrees and moderate winds in Denver, according to the National Weather Service.

This weekend, we’ve got a chance of rain and a high of 56 on Saturday, followed by likely rain and snow that night. Sunday is colder with a high of 44.

Temperatures are expected to stay in the 50s through much of the next week.

In the mountains: Strong winds continue in the mountains today, hitting up to 95 mph along the Continental Divid, Front Range canyons and other places. Snow is likely in the higher alpine areas on Saturday, NWS forecasts.

The night sky: “Subtle lunar eclipse on February 10-11.”