Denver news in 5 minutes: What you need to know today, March 7

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Good morning. Hot on today’s news roundup: a fundamental change to the courts, Colorado’s transit spending, fluid drips for hangovers, eating in LoHi and more.

Children stand behind a wire fence and watch a boy in a bathing suit prepare to dive into the Children's Pool at Elyria Playgrounds (Elyria Park) at 48th and High Streets in the Elyria Swansea neighborhood of Denver, Colorado. Shows a stucco building with tile roof and brick quoins. An adult in a swimsuit watches the diver; other swimmers stand in the water and sit at the pool's edge. Between 1918. (Denver Public Library/Western History Collection/X-28900)  summer; pool; historic; denver public library; dpl; archive; archival; denverite

Children stand behind a wire fence and watch a boy in a bathing suit prepare to dive into the Children's Pool at Elyria Playgrounds (Elyria Park) around 1918. (Denver Public Library/Western History Collection/X-28900)

Colorado case results in fundamental change:

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that the courts may investigate claims that jurors are racist. Normally, jury proceedings are secret. In this case, a juror had said that a defendant was guilty because “he’s Mexican, and Mexican men take whatever they want.” The juror was a former law-enforcement officer. (NYT)

The state doesn’t spend much on transit:

States on average provide 26 percent of the operating costs and 12 percent of the construction costs for public transit. Colorado provides practically zero for operations and less than 1 percent of capital costs for the transit systems. I suppose that’s to be expected, considering lawmakers are having a hard time figuring out even the more “traditional” highway spending. (Durango Herald)

Republican senator dubious of health care plan:

Sen. Cory Gardner wants the American Health Care Act to protect Obama’s expansion of Medicaid. You should read up on this thing, because it’s moving fast. (Denverite)

Careful what you give your council member:

Gifts to elected officials and city employees now are capped at $300 in value. (Denverite)

Northeastern Colorado fire:

A fire in rural Logan County has burned 45 square miles and destroyed three homes. It was considered 90 percent contained, but firefighters now say that figure’s only 50 percent. (AP via Denverite)

Parking at Cherry Creek Mall:

A few business owners tell Emilie Rusch that the new paid parking policy is driving their numbers down. The mall says it’s only temporary. There is a Facebook page involved. (DP)

People are strange:

There’s a clinic in LoHi that will hook you up to an IV fluid drip to purportedly help with hangovers and colds. They’re now expanding to the Denver Tech Center, as Kate Tracy reports. Personally, I try to minimize the number of needles in my life. (BusinessDen)

Eating in Lower Highland:

Andra Zeppelin has updated her master list of where to eat and drink in LoHi. I would like some fried chicken. (Eater)