You have two more weeks to enjoy Elk Meadow, the craziest dog park in Colorado

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A dog at Elk Meadow dog park. (Andrew Kenney/Denverite)

A dog at Elk Meadow dog park. (Andrew Kenney/Denverite)

All good things must come to an end, especially when hundreds of pounds of rogue dog turds are involved.

Such is the case with Elk Meadow, also known as that ridiculously large dog park in Evergreen. Most of the 100-acre area will close "indefinitely" on Tuesday, April 4, with the exception of a few acres and about 0.7 miles of trail.

Update: Jefferson County has since decided to close the entire dog park on April 4.

A dog and a person at the Elk Meadow dog park. (Jeffco Open Space)

Jefferson County is shutting the place down because stray poops and extreme soil erosion is doing awful things to the quality of the stream running through the park's valley.

Parks organizers expect it could take three years or more for natural vegetation in the area to recover, and the county has made no promise that it will reopen the area to off-leash dogs after that.

So, here's how I would suggest you take full advantage of these last weeks:

  • Take your dog on a weekday, if possible, and aim for a sunny one.
  • Run like maniacs through the woods with your animal.
  • Howl at stuff together..
  • Rage, rage against the dying light.
  • Pack a picnic!
A dog at the Elk Meadow dog park. (Jeffco Open Space)

The affected area will be closed to both dogs and humans, though the larger Elk Meadow Park will remain open north of Stagecoach Boulevard, as will a smaller enclosed area of the dog park. To access that area, just park around 31234 Stagecoach Boulevard.

Jeffco also might limit roadside parking near Elk Meadow. Currently, cars line up along the sides of narrow Stagecoach Boulevard, which is not exactly the safest arrangement.

Meanwhile, Friends of Evergreen Dog Park is organizing volunteers to maintain the remaining part of the dog park.  To sign up as a volunteer, email Matt Martinez at [email protected]

Jefferson County also is searching for a replacement dog park site.

The internal red and black shape represents the area of Elk Meadow off-leash dog area that may remain open.

This post was updated with a more-recent map of the section that will remain open.

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