Capitol Hill and Baker, don’t forget street sweeping returns this week

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Neighborhood Parking in the Speer neighborhood. (Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite)

If, like me, you're constantly panicking about where you parked your car, I've got bad news. Street sweeping is back this month.

But you've totally got this. First of all, it doesn't even start until April 4

Tuesday, we resume our automotive ballet. If you live in one of the pink areas, that means this is your week for sweeps:

(Denver Government)

The quickest way to then figure out whether your car is ok is to search in the address where you parked in Denver's pocketgov site.  ... You do remember where you parked right?

Et voila, you can politely dismiss your morning panic and not get a ticket. But if you do get a ticket, don't feel bad. Collectively, more than 138,000 tickets were issued last year, for revenue of $6.9 million, Denver 7 reports.

People who don't own cars, feel free to wake up calmly all year round and enjoy your lifestyle.

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