Denver news in 5 minutes: What you need to know today, April 2

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Inside Mutiny Information Cafe, Broadway. (Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite)

Inside Mutiny Information Cafe, Broadway. (Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite)

You may have thought you didn't need news on a Sunday, but Ashley reviewed the coziness of Baker coffee shops. We've also got marijuana real estate numbers and more.

Commercial real estate and marijuana, by the numbers

Every once and awhile, I meet someone who has a very wild assertion about how much pot has affected real estate in the area. ("Warehouse prices are five times higher!" and the like.) Here are some more reputable figures. (NYT)

Bears don't get addicted to human food, researchers say

State policy is to euthanize bears who come down to eat human food twice. But new research says that bears only seek out that food when they don't have other options. The findings could change state policy. (DP)

Frontier Airlines has been working to rely less on Denver

Denver-based Frontier Airlines wants to become a publicly-traded company and in their filing say they've been working to rely less on Denver International Airport. (DP)

Denver's budget is about 8 or 9 percent federal money

And based on Donald Trump's threat to defund sanctuary cities' grant money, projects like Colfax bus rapid transit could lose. Also, turns out that Denver's housing authority gets the second-most federal money. Good thing you can learn how they'd be affected by losing money. (DP, Denverite)

Denver's least snowy fall and winter ever recorded

I'm slightly buoyed that the previous record was set in the winter of 1885, but I'm no climate scientist. (CBS Denver)

Dog park enthusiasts protest closing

The story includes this amazing sentence: "A group called Friends of Evergreen Dog Park have drafted a plan to keep the park open which would require pet owners to register their dog and provide a DNA sample to track those not cleaning up after their pets." (9News)

More buildup for opening day

Talk about Jon Gray, a possibly good pitcher for the Rockies, has got me excited for opening day. Now I get to think about him and the pitcher that the team will be facing. (AP)

Do a thing today

See a Pulitzer-winning play or watch some sports or see a dance battle or something else entirely. (Denverite)

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