George Brauchler, rumored for governor’s race, is definitely up to something — maybe some kind of campaign?

(Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite)

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George Brauchler. (George Brauchler for Colorado)

George Brauchler. (George Brauchler for Colorado)

Update: George Brauchler confirmed on Facebook that he is running for governor.

“Over time I’ve come to the conclusion that what Colorado lacks is real leadership, and I think that I can bring that to this office … ,” he told 9News. “I think that what we’ve had is management, not leadership.”

Brauchler and the rest of Colorado’s people are “tired of politics” and “career politicians,” he says in a new Facebook video that strongly implies he’s doing something political sometime soon.

Brauchler is the elected district attorney for the 18th Judicial District, and The Denver Post last month reported that he was waging a “shadow campaign,” meeting local Republican groups and dinging potential rivals ahead of, presumably, the 2018 race for the state’s governorship.

Brauchler, a Republican, was the prosecutor in the Aurora theater shooting trial. More recently, he was central to a huge bust of an alleged illegal pot grow. The 18th covers Arapahoe, Douglas, Elbert and Lincoln counties.

“We’re frustrated with weak elected officials who continue to dodge difficult decisions and career politicians who assure us that the answers to Colorado’s biggest problems are just one more election away,” he said, adding that the system “seems to work best for those who have most.”

And then the video turns from black-and-white to color and Brauchler assures the audience that it “hasn’t always been that way in Colorado” and “doesn’t have to be that way now.”

The video closes with a “G” styled after the Colorado flag, leaving the viewer to wonder whether it stands for George… or Governor… or Gubernatorial (Candidate)?

Oh, and it also says “COMING SOON.”

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