The People’s Climate March on Denver went on despite the snow

The turnout was better than it was for some warmer weather protests in the last 100 days.
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Denver got up to 8 inches of snow overnight and it kept coming down steadily throughout Saturday, but it wasn't enough to deter people from gathering in Civic Center Park to defend the environment.

The People's Climate March went on as planned, and the turnout was better than it was for some warm-weather marches in the last 100 days.

According to the Associated Press, several hundred people showed up.

This rally is different than last week's March for Science, as Erica explained earlier this week:

"Among many messages, the March for Science asserted that climate change is real because there is overwhelming scientific evidence that it is real. The People’s Climate March starts from the premise that climate change is real and demands that we see and respond to the vulnerable communities who are most affected by it."

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