What $379,000 buys you in Denver and three other real estate markets

staff photo
The exterior of 1920 E 18th Avenue. (Courtesy of Redfin)

The exterior of 1920 E 18th Avenue. (Courtesy of Redfin)

In my weekly review of Denver’s housing market, I found that many people who paid over the listed price ended up getting their homes for around $355,000. That piqued my interest in Denver homes priced near that point.

So what can you buy with, say, $379,000? We’ve got a look at one home in the city, plus what that would buy you in three other cities.


This home boasts a fairly conventional exterior that won’t be the subject of hate for all your new neighbors — a real must-have in contemporary Denver real estate. Plus, you’d get a really fantastic-looking deck.


Boy, that exterior picture with the lovely garden really sells this home. Plus, that mid-century modern profile is legit; the seller says this home was featured in a NW Renovation magazine tribute to Frank Lloyd Wright. I can’t decide which I like better, this home or the Denver home.


This Loveland townhome is truly middle of the road to my eyes. You’ve got plenty of space, but also a modern layout with all the requisite amenities. If you’re sick of battling it out with would-be Denver homeowners, you could do worse than this home.


Alright, Dallas home prices are now rising faster than Denver ones, so let’s see what the city has to offer. This home is the biggest of the bunch, with nice stone details in the front entryway. Not too bad, Dallas.