Your Denver news podcast topics this week: climate change, summer plans and street harassment

Here’s this week’s episode of Denverite Now, your favorite Denver news podcast!
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Here's this week's episode of Denverite Now, your favorite Denver news podcast!

Here's how our host, Paul Karolyi, describes this episode:

This week on Denverite Now…

1) Andy Kenney talks about local reactions to Pres. Trump’s decision to pull out of the Paris climate accords and local efforts to combat climate change. Here's some suggested reading from Andy and Erica Meltzer:

2) Dave Burdick and Stephanie Snyder join Andy and Paul for a conversation about the summer. We share recommendations for great seasonal activities in and outside the city. Here’s a few more ideas:

And here’s Andy’s report on the "9/11 peacher": In Colorado, peach season comes with a 9/11 conspiracy theory

3) Ashley Dean introduces Denverite’s new street harassment tracker. You can share your stories and make recommendations here:

Denver street harassment tracker: Tell us your stories

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