Denver police are investigating an apparent homicide in the city jail this morning


The Denver Police Department announced this morning that it is investigating a person’s death inside the Denver City Jail at 490 West Colfax Ave.

“They will go over and they will begin their investigation. They have a whole process they go through,” said John White, a spokesman for the Denver Police Department.

Later in the morning, police announced they were treating the case as a homicide, saying it involved a fight between two inmates.

White said he was made aware of the death at 7 a.m. this morning. The department announced it is conducting an investigation via Twitter at 8:31 this morning.

“It is still fresh. We’re still trying to figure out how it occurred, who was involved. We really don’t have a whole lot that we can put out right now,” White said.

The death comes at a time when Marvin Booker’s family is planning to meet with District Attorney Beth McCann. Booker was a homeless preacher who died seven years ago in Denver’s jail system. His family is planning to ask McCann to reopen an investigation into Booker’s death.