Would you rather ride the Downtown Loop or the 5280 Loop?

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(Courtesy of the Downtown Denver Partnership)

(Courtesy of the Downtown Denver Partnership)

Sorry, sorry, it's a trick question, they're the same thing. The Downtown Denver Partnership announced the new name and conceptual design late last week.

No matter what it's called, the group hopes that the 5.280 mile long path encircling downtown will better connect nine different downtown neighborhoods. The current concept envisions a separated bike path along at least some parts of the route, such as 21st Street.

Of course, an added bonus would be stimulating the downtown economy. Here's more of DDP's pitch for the path:

"More than a trail, it will add open space to Downtown and provide a safe and beautiful place to actively recreate and engage with the Downtown neighborhoods, cultural amenities and more."

And if you've seen one of these on your sidewalk, that means your area is a part of the new path concept.

Why yes, the new route does go past Denverite's office. (Megan Arellano/Denverite)

If the proposed map evokes feelings of joy or outrage, now is a great time to speak up. DDP is taking this concept to the public with a series of events this summer, with the hope of having a conceptual design by fall of next year.

Meanwhile, the group does have some funds set aside for the loop. In April, the Gates Foundation chipped in $80,000, reported the Denver Channel. That's in addition to $250,000 from the Colorado Health Foundation towards the ultimate $100 million cost, they reported.

Editor's note: An earlier version of this story misstated the length of the loop. The error has been corrected. 

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