Your Denver news podcast this week: An audio portrait of Colfax Avenue

Here’s this week’s episode of Denverite Now, your favorite Denver news podcast!

This week’s episode of Denverite Now is the conclusion of Colfax Week. You’re going to want to hear our group portrait of Colfax Avenue and our snappy wrap-up of the series.

Here’s how our host, Paul Karolyi, describes this episode:

1) Paul joined the Denverite team on Colfax this past Tuesday to interview residents and other passersby about their experiences on the iconic avenue. FYI: Some of the responses included here are explicit.

2) Dave Burdick, Andy Kenney and Ashley Dean have a roundtable discussion to conclude Colfax Week. Here’s a selection of the stories mentioned in the episode:

The “storage castle” changed East Colfax in 1926, and then never changed again

We’re pretty sure Playboy never said Colfax was the “longest, wickedest street in America” — but it printed something better

A night and a morning at Nob Hill Inn, the oldest dive bar on Colfax

Jewish pioneers built the miniature downtown near Mile High — and a legacy on Colfax

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