Denver news in 5 minutes: What you need to know today, Oct. 14

Flu season, shopping season, hockey season and more.
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The Colorado Asian Culltural Heritage Center performs. The first-annual Unicorn Festival in Clement Park, Littleton. (Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite) colorado; kevinjbeaty; unicorn festival; denverite; littleton; whimsy; summer;

The Colorado Asian Cultural Heritage Center performs. (Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite)

Hello, and welcome to another lovely fall day. It seems like we've finally settled into some normal weather, which I'm not mad about.

Now, settle in with your seasonal morning beverage of choice and see what's going on in your city.

In case you missed it in the newsletter, the Wall Street Journal is watching us

The paper went in on the construction boom and talked to people like Tara Nelson, who rents a studio apartment for $1,700 a month. Oof. (WSJ)

A 2016 sentencing law has been ruled unconstitutional

The law gives special considerations for people serving life without parole for crimes they committed as a juvenile. In the case of Curtis Brooks, who was sentenced to life without parole for a felony murder conviction, Chief District Court Judge Carlos Samour Jr. decided that the law gives Brooks and other similar offenders preferential treatment. (DP)

Denver Police Chief Robert White will be investigated for the way he handled a hit-and-run incident

Chief White followed a vehicle that hit his own and took off, then witnessed that same vehicle hit another. The Denver Sheriff's Department will review the incident to decide if he violated policy. (7)

Colorado Mills is getting ready to reopen

The Lakewood mall had to close after that huge early May hail storm damaged its roof and caused flooding. It should be open for Black Friday. (Denverite)

Hey, the Avs won

Yes, they're back, and it's going pretty well so far. Colorado went all of last season without a winning streak of at least three games, but this year, they hit that streak in five games. (AP)

Don't forget it's breakfast burrito day

Santiago's is selling them for $1.25 a pop. Illegal Pete's is giving them away for free until 2 p.m. Go get 'em. (Denverite)

Also, it's flu season

And flu season don't play. Here's hat you need to know. (Denverite)

Here are all the things you can do today

As always, it's a lot. And right now, it's a lot of fall. (Denverite)

Tomorrow: don't drive

The Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon, 10K and 5K are going to mess up your entire life. Take a look at all the places you won't be able to drive. (Denverite)

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