LOOK: Denver went all-out on their jack-o-lanterns this year

Denver, I love you.
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A Denverite reader sent us this image of a Denver skyline pumpkin they carved with one of Kevin J. Beaty’s stencils.

Reader Brad Bogus took our design to a new level. Notice the mountain projected behind. (Courtesy: Brad Bogus)

Denver, I love you. Not only did you respond favorably to our call for mile-high pumpkin carving, you grabbed your knives and went to work.

Please enjoy this selection of fresh cuts as a show of my gratitude -- and if you have some you want me to add to the roster, just shoot me an email or a tweet!

Denver Water really outdid themselves this year. (Courtesy: Denver Water)
My favorite Denver species. (Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite)

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