Denver news in 5 minutes: What you need to know today, Feb. 14

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Ute men, women, and children pose at Garden of the Gods in 1911. The photo is labeled “moon dance.” (H.S. Poley/Western History and Genealogy Dept./Denver Public Library)

Hey there. We've got news today covering the politics of housing, Olympics infrastructure, the race for the governorship and more.

Ute men, women, and children pose at Garden of the Gods in 1911. The photo is labeled "moon dance." (H.S. Poley/Western History and Genealogy Dept./Denver Public Library)
Housing crisis:

Erik Soliván was hired to tackle Denver's housing challenges by leading the office of Housing and Opportunities for People Everywhere. He departs a week before the Denver City Council is set to consider the new housing plan he helped write. I tried to figure out what happened. (Denverite)


The old dairy site in Sun Valley is changing hands, leaving nearly 7 acres open for development. Adrian reports. (Denverite)

The Winter Olympics in South Korea are making heavy use of temporary, "pop-up" architecture to reduce cost. (CityLab)

Denver's council cleared the way for sixteen-story buildings (with no required parking) at 38th and Blake. The meeting went so late that I was forced (forced!) to eat a midnight Whooper Jr. at the Burger King on Colfax afterward. (Denverite)


I have a rundown of the early candidates for Denver's 2019 elections, plus a little scooplet about Councilman Paul López probably running for clerk. (Denverite)

This analysis of polls show Republicans have a shot at taking Colorado's governorship this year, but Democrats have a slight advantage. (538)

Sam Brasch has a concise, helpful explanation of the argument in the legislature about the Colorado Civil Rights Commission. Republicans are holding up funding and demanding changes. The commission played a role in the early days of the case of the Lakewood baker who wouldn't bake for a gay couple. (CPR)

Still pushing back against Jeff Sessions' marijuana policy, Sen. Cory Gardner is continuing to block Justice Department appointments even as the agency's No. 3 resigns. (AP)

Sen. Randy Baumgardner will step down as the chair of an influential committee but won’t resign his seat after being investigated for sexual misconduct. (AP)


Chipotle picked Taco Bell's chief executive to be its new CEO. Its stock immediately improved. (AP)

Digital First Media, owner of the Denver Post, just bought the Boston Herald out of bankruptcy for $12 million. Greg Ryan reports. (Denver Business Journal)


The restaurant El Five has some really rather funky design.  Josie Sexton has the feature. (Eater)

This guide to snowshoeing is pretty fantastic. Thanks to Mary Clare Fischer for writing it. (5280)

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