Denver news in 5 minutes: What you need to know today, Feb. 26

Everything you want to know about Elitch Gardens, a complaint about Albus Brooks’ party and more.
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A man looks out on Central City circa 1930. (Carolina Bancroft Collection/Western History & Genealogy Dept./Denver Public Library)

A man looks out on Central City circa 1930. (Carolina Bancroft Collection/Western History & Genealogy Dept./Denver Public Library)

Hello, hello! It's Monday and surely none of us has had enough caffeine yet. Let's ease in.

Neat old photographs and the future of Elitch Gardens

Told you we'd ease in. For his last story at Denverite, Adrian wrote about the past, present and future of Denver's downtown amusement park.

In recent weeks, city planners unveiled a draft of the Downtown Area Plan Amendment. The plan Denver is working on looks at the future of the area located between Auraria Parkway and Speer Boulevard that holds some of the most visited attractions in Denver including Elitch Gardens, the Children’s Museum of Denver, the Downtown Aquarium and the Pepsi Center. (Denverite)

In case you missed it...

Nonprofit Strengthening Democracy Colorado has filed a campaign finance complaint against Council President Albus Brooks. The group alleges improper use of city staff's time and social media to promote his “39th Birthday Bash & Campaign Event.” (Denverite)

That big skyscraper plan has a big catch: The developer is still trying to buy some of the land. (BusinessDen)

In the wake of Parkland

Nearly 20 years after the Columbine shooting, its survivors have advice for Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and its students.

"Everybody needs school to feel like school. But everyone is traumatized and traumatized brains don't learn well," said Paula Reed, an English teacher who survived the Columbine attack. "It's going to be a while before they even start getting their feet under them." (Denverite)

Colleges in Colorado — including the University of Denver, University of Colorado and Boulder, Regis University, Metropolitan State University and Colorado State University — have said they won't hold suspensions for protesting against students in the application process. (7)


Here's what's on the table as the working group charged with re-evaluating and re-building RTD pass programs heads into its final meeting this week. The recommendations they iron out will make their way to senior leadership for review. (DP)

Arts and entertainment

The Denver Center for the Performing Arts announced its 2018-19 season. It includes some classics — "Hello, Dolly!" and "Fiddler on the Roof" — the North American tour launch of "Dear Evan Hansen" and teen catnip "Wicked." (Denverite)

Start your day right with some local synth-pop by Retrofette. (CPR)

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