Jolon Clark is next Denver council president

If it happens, he’ll run meetings, appoint committees and make some extra money.
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Denver City councilmen Rafael Espinoza and Jolon Clark and councilwoman Stacie Gilmore listen to testimony at a committee meeting, July 13, 2016. (Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite)

Update: Jolon Clark was elected Denver City Council president and Stacie Gilmore was elected president pro tem in unanimous votes on Monday night.

Councilman Jolon Clark, who represents a section of south Denver, is set to become the next president of the Denver City Council.

The elected officials will vote on leadership positions this Monday. This week, Clark confirmed that a majority of his colleagues had decided to select him.

The president position includes a pay boost. Other members make $92,000, while the president makes $103,000.

The president presides over meetings, meaning he or she is in charge of keeping speakers under the time limit and directing the flow of the meeting. The president also chooses which members will serve on each of the council committees.

Clark's District 7 includes Platt Park, where he lives, along with Baker, Athmar Park, Ruby Hill Park and Washington Park West. He is currently council president pro tem, which is like a back-up president.

The councilman's known for a few things. First of all, his cat got "internet famous" after he brought it to a committee meeting about cat declawing. He's also the sponsor of a new ballot measure that will ask voters to approve higher taxes for parks.

He has raised the alarm about the influx of residential apartments on Old South Pearl Street, which he fears will displace commercial businesses, he has supported the music festival on Overland Golf Course, and he is helping community leaders create new self-funded organizations.

Presidents on the council are elected for one-year terms, but they often serve more than one term. Councilman Albus Brooks was elected president in summer 2016 and will conclude his time as president this year.

Councilwoman Stacie Gilmore is set to become president pro tem, according to Brooks. That job doesn't come with a raise.

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