The Aurora officers who leaked body camera footage of Hancock’s son cursing out a different officer have been disciplined

The video of 22-year-old Jordan Hancock hit television news in May.
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Two police officers received a brief unpaid suspension for leaking body camera footage showing the son of Denver's mayor cursing at another officer and threatening to get him fired during a traffic stop, according to police disciplinary records.

Aurora Officers Paul Timmons and Judy Gurley-Lutkin were each suspended for 10 hours without pay, The Denver Post reported Friday.

Neither of the suspended officers was involved in the March 23 stop. A disciplinary order says Timmons used his cellphone to take a recording of the original body camera footage and shared it with Gurley-Lutkin.

"The cellphone video was eventually provided to a local news station without the consent of the chief's office or the media relations unit," the Aug. 6 disciplinary order obtained by the newspaper stated.

KMGH-TV in May obtained the video, showing 22-year-old Jordan Hancock arguing with the Aurora police officer who ticketed him for driving 65 mph in a 40 mph (105 kph in a 64 kph) zone.

After Hancock says his dad, Michael, is the mayor, the unidentified officer responds: "Mayor of what? Of Denver? You're in Aurora."

Hancock paid a $250 fine and has apologized. After the video's release, Mayor Michael Hancock said he did not condone his son's actions during the traffic stop.

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